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The Trilogy Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established in Kentucky in 2007. It is tax-exempt as a private foundation under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.


The Foundation currently has 6 active programs, with more coming in the future, designed to help our employees. The current programs fall into 3 distinct umbrellas and include the following:

Emergency Assistance: Designed to help employees through times of struggle

Education Assistance: Designed to help employees through times of hope/advancement

  • Employee Scholarship
  • Employee Dependent Scholarship
  • GRAD Student Loan Repayment

Connections Program: Designed to help low to moderate income employees obtain resources

  • Education/Home Owner Saving Program
  • Tax Preparation


The Trilogy Foundation is dependent upon the charitable giving of our Trilogy, Paragon and PCA employees. Over 60% of our employees donate through payroll deduction.

The Foundation organizes the Opportunity Needs Everyone(ONE) campaign to encourage employees to give at least $1 per pay period to the general Foundation account that funds each of our programs.

When an employee gives money to the Foundation 50% is restricted for their Campus Designated Funds, to assist employees at their campus for emergency assistance and scholarships not specifically covered by the Trilogy Foundation guidelines.

Each year the Foundation conducts at least one donation drive for the general foundation account, and campuses that reach 100% participation receive a bonus $1000 for their CDF account.

Employee Assistance

There are two types of Emergency Assistance Awards:

Foundation Award: Covers Life Threatening medical emergency for the employee or immediate family member (including Domestic Violence), Property loss due to natural disaster(fire, tornado, flood, etc.), and the death of an immediate family member. The Maximum award is $1000.

Campus Designated Awards: Covers non-life threatening medical emergencies, home eviction, car problems, and other situations that can be construed as an emergency (at the committee’s discretion). The maximum award is $200, which comes from the campus account

Connections Programs

Tax Preparation-Everyone who fits into the income bracket is automatically awarded

  • Program is a partnership with the IRS and tax preparation agencies
  • Employees who make under $58,000 in their household receive free online tax preparation and submission from H&R Block
  • Employees who make under $50,000 in their household can have their taxes completed in person by a Licensed Tax Preparer for free at a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site.

Education/Home Ownership Savings

  • Eligible for employees with an adjusted gross income 200% below the poverty
  • Participants agree to a $10 payroll deduction per week for 50 weeks
  • Every dollar saved is matched by $4. $1000 is saved through the payroll deduction and is matched with an additional $4000 for a total
    of $5000 for education/Home Ownership.

Educational Scholarships (Over $1,200,000 Awarded)

The purpose of the Trilogy Foundation Scholarship Program is to empower our employees to expand their education, thereby achieving higher levels of personal fulfillment and increased job satisfaction.

  • Applications are accepted year round
  • The Employee Scholarship applications are reviewed for approval twice a year: Spring and Fall
  • The Employee Dependent Scholarship is reviewed during the Spring period only
  • Employees who receive these scholarships must be white badged and work 20 hours a week minimum.
  • Employees of new campuses during the first 12 months are eligible as Blue Badge employees
  • Awards are generally in between $500 and $3000

Grad Student Loan Repayment

  • Employees are eligible who have completed their degree and are no longer in school
  • Must work 20 hours per week with White Badge
  • Awards are $1000 paid is quarterly $250 increments

Annual Charity Programs

In addition to the Foundation employee programs, the Trilogy Foundation also helps organize two annual charity drives.

Independence from Hunger: Helps raise food for the food banks in our communities to serve members of the community struggling to put food on their tables.

Hope for the Holidays: Helps raise support at designated charities within our communities. All proceeds benefit the organization which is selected by campus leadership prior to the drive.

Live A Dream

Looking for another resource to help bring some joy into the lives of your friends and loved ones? Consider Live a Dream, which fulfills life-long wishes for the elderly and terminally ill adults, from visiting Graceland, to becoming a pilot again, to riding a Harley for the first time. Help someone’s dreams come true today! Apply now >


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Our goal is to not only care for people during difficult times, but to ensure that they feel cared about.
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